About Jaytec Glass

We can help your business with standard and custom glassware. Our customers particularly value our expertise in scientific glass blowing and volumetric glassware calibration. Take a look at what our customers say. Many clients reduce the time and costs of their processes (and glassware) by using our custom laboratory glassware service. View our product range and visit our online shop to purchase standard laboratory glassware products.

Whatever you are looking for, from a measuring cylinder, volumetric flask or pharmacy measure to a separating funnel or burette, we can help. We manufacture and supply scientific laboratory glassware for companies and distributors in the UK and worldwide, as well as products for a diverse range of manufacturers. Our scientific lab glass products are typically used by the pharmaceutical, dairy, sugar, education and oil and gas markets.

Why use Jaytec Glass?

You can benefit from our unbeatable combination of products, services and skills:

Jaytec Glass has earned its reputation as a leading manufacturer and supplier of standard and custom scientific glassware.  You will benefit from our 60 years of experience in volumetric glassware calibration and scientific glass blowing. We are based in Hastings, East Sussex in the UK. We serve customers in the UK and across the world.
Measuring Cylinders

All of our customers benefit from prompt delivery, consistent quality and competitive prices with no minimum orders.  This is because Jaytec Glass, unlike many other manufacturers, still maintains control of the whole production process. All key processes are carried out in-house; this includes graphic design, screen manufacture, glass blowing, calibration and etching.  We also stock key components to improve turnaround time.

Jaytec Glass also offers a free Lab Glassware Savings Review – we visit your laboratory to identify any potential cost savings that could be made with standard and custom lab glass. Contact us for more information.

Meet the team

James Bartleet, Chairman

James has worked in a wide variety of laboratories. He has 12 years experience in research chemistry in industry and at Oxford University. James Bartleet, ChairmanHe will be pleased to use his experience to help you select the right product and design custom solutions to improve your productivity and profitability.

Contact James

Kevin Doyle, Managing Director

Kevin has experience in a wide variety of manufacturing environments and has specialised in the glass industry for over fifteen years.Kevin Doyle, Managing Director  He will be happy to assist with any production or quality questions you have.

Email: kevin.doyle@jaytecglass.co.uk

Lisa Cherry, Office Manager

If you have any enquiries about billing or delivery time, Lisa will be happy to help.Lisa Cherry, Office Manager

Email: lisa.cherry@jaytecglass.co.uk

Jaytec Glass was founded as F. R. Jones Limited in 1947. Our scientific glass blowers were originally based in Islington under the Jaytec brand, until the firm outgrew the site and moved to Hastings in East Sussex in 1975. The company was sold in 2004 to the current management team.